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  Partners, Associates, Groups, and Vendors we work with


Micro Focus
 We are proud to be a Novell Silver Partner with the WorkGroup Specialization, transitioning soon to the new Micro Focus program that replaces it. Andy is a Knowledge Partner in the Micro Focus forums
Novell Partners Knowledge Partners

 Using frequent system synchronization to ensure data continuity in face of disasters from fumble fingers, through hostage ware, and that worse we don't want to think about.
Do you know the actual cost to your business of being down due to data loss such as from ransom-ware or system failure? Check out our RPO/RTO calculator and contact us to see if we can help lower that cost.
Datto partners

 To help you securely manage your WiFi across your location(s) to keep your staff connected in the office, and/or your clients as they roam your store/facility.
KodaCloud partners


  Konecny Consulting has established a growing network with other IT specialists that we work with. Most of this network does have strong skills with many Novell products in addition to a wide range of other areas.


 Toronto VMUG


easyDNS, Our preferred Domain Registrar and DNS hosting solution. Control Your Domain with easyDNS

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